Jaedee Caines is the New NRP Candidate for Nevis 1

PRESS RELEASE (April 12, 2021) — The Villa Grounds in Charlestown, Nevis was filled with energy and excitement as the Communications Specialist and popular Media Personality, Ms. Jaedee Caines, was officially launched as the Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) new candidate for Nevis 1 (St. Paul’s) on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

The candidacy of Ms. Caines, a former Youth Parliamentarian, received ringing endorsements from NRP Youth Arm President, Ms. Saneldo Willett, Dr. Kelvin Daly, Chairman of the NRP St. Paul’s Constituency Group, university colleagues Mr. St. Clair Hodge from St. Kitts and Mr. Rick Grant from the USVI as well as her former University Professor Dr. Alexander Randall.

Dr. Randall, who was the Chairman of the Communications Department at the University of the Virgin Islands during Ms. Caines’ tenure as a student, attributed the success and establishment of the University’s Radio Station to her adding that “in every area, Jaedee Caines was an exceptional and outstanding student.”

The new NRP candidate for St. Paul enthusiastically told an internet viewership of more than 9,000 and a socially distanced crowd of friends and supporters of the NRP that this is a new day, this is a new era, this is a new NRP. “Yes, we still hold on the party’s principles. Those principles have not changed but the NRP understands. We have revamped, we have rebranded, and we are ready,” Ms. Caines said, adding that “I am here for you, Nevisians. I am also here for those of you who made Nevis your home. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that this great party, the Nevis Reformation Party, is not for non-nationals, because that is simply not true.”

“Having been rooted in community service, I don’t, now, like others have done, have to scurry to learn the people of St. Paul’s. I don’t, now, have to pretend like, I’m caring and want to do things in the community. If you know Jaedee, you know that this is something that has been going on for many many years,” Ms. Caines continued.

The highlight of the evening was the poem delivered by Ms. ChajNe Caines, daughter of the candidate. ChajNe said her mother is “helpful, you can ask my teachers and friends, when it comes to schoolwork, on her many parents depend. She is passionate, loving and supportive. She’s just who you need as your representative…”

Mr. E. Robelto Hector who served as the NRP’s Parliamentary Representative for the St. Paul’s Constituency from 2006 to 2017, fully endorsed the candidacy of Ms. Caines and handed her the baton as he assured the audience that St. Paul’s has made the right choice in choosing Ms. Caines as their new candidate. “Charlestown, oh my dear Charlestown, you have been good to me, you have been good to Victor Jay Martin, you have been good to Ivor Stevens. I am asking you now to give your full support to Jaedee Caines,” Mr. Hector said.
The much talked about launch which was chaired by Youth Parliamentarian Mr. Devonne Cornelius, also featured remarks and endorsements by the NRP’s Political Leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge and Chairman, Mr. Hensley Daniel. The NRP is gearing up for the Nevis Island Assembly elections constitutionally due in 2022. Over the coming weeks, the NRP will be rolling out its full slate of candidates.

Egyptian mummies pass through Cairo in ‘Golden Parade’

A procession of floats carried the mummified remains of 22 pharaohs, including Egypt’s most powerful ancient queen, through Cairo Saturday evening, in an eye-catching parade to a new resting place.

Under hefty security, the mummies were driven on floats seven kilometres (four miles) across the capital from the iconic Egyptian Museum to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation.

Dubbed the “Pharaohs’ Golden Parade”, the 18 kings and four queens travelled in order, oldest first, each aboard a separate vehicle decorated in ancient Egyptian style.

Both pedestrians and vehicles were barred from Tahrir Square, site of the current museum, and other sections of the route.

Images of the slick parade and an equally carefully choreographed opening ceremony were broadcast live on state television, to rousing music.

The mummies entered the grounds of the new museum to a 21-gun salute, after a slightly shorter than expected journey time of around half an hour.

“This grandiose spectacle is further proof of the greatness… of a unique civilisation that extends into the depths of history,” said President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi just ahead of proceedings.

Seqenenre Tao II, “the Brave”, who reigned over southern Egypt some 1,600 years before Christ, was on the first chariot, while Ramses IX, who reigned in the 12th century BC, brought up the rear.

Another great warrior, Ramses II, who ruled for 67 years, and Queen Hatshepsut, the most powerful female pharaoh, were also on the short voyage.

Emblazoned with the name of their allocated sovereign, the gold and black coloured carriages were fitted with shock absorbers for the trip, to ensure none of the precious cargos were accidentally disturbed by uneven surfaces.

Stranded Suez Canal container ship ‘Ever Given’ freed from shoreline in Egypt, Africa

The Ever Given, a huge container ship that has been stuck across the Suez Canal for almost a week has reportedly been straightened and released.

Video appeared to show the ship floating, but its owner later told AFP that it had only been “turned”.

The Ever Given has been blocking one of the world’s busiest trade routes, the Suez Canal in Egypt Africa, forcing companies to reroute ships.

An estimated $9.6bn (£7bn) of goods is being held up each day at the Suez Canal.

Maritime services company Inchcape earlier said that the vessel had been freed from the shoreline.

The reports that the ship had been freed raised hopes that traffic along the canal could resume within hours.

The Suez Canal Authority explains that the container ship’s course had been corrected by 80%. It added that efforts to fully refloat it had begun.

Traffic would resume once the ship can be moved to a waiting area, the authority said.

The 200,000-tonne Ever Given ran aground on Tuesday morning amid high winds and a sandstorm that affected visibility. Specialist salvage companies were brought in to help refloat the ship.

On Sunday, canal officials began preparing to remove some of roughly 20,000 containers on board in order to lighten the load.

About 12% of global trade passes through the 193km (120-mile) Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and provides the shortest link between Asia and Europe.

An alternative route, around the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa, can take two weeks longer.

Companies amendment bill 2021 passed the the national assembly

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, March 25, 2021 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – After its successful readings in the National Assembly on Thursday, March 25, the Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2021 was unanimously passed, bringing St. Kitts and Nevis even more in line with best practices within the international financial services sector.

The Bill was moved through the House by Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris.

In his presentation, Prime Minister Harris said it was necessary for his Government to re-examine the nature of the Companies legislation and seek ways in which it could reasonably and sustainably adjust to the imperatives and complexities of doing business within the global sphere.

He said, “This Bill therefore seeks to introduce a new feature in our Companies Act which it is anticipated would provide attractive business and investment opportunities within our jurisdiction while at the same time satisfying the international standards on taxation. Mr. Speaker, the Bill therefore seeks to remove the tax exemption elements from the Companies Act. In short, the term ‘exempt company’ would no longer be valid after June 20, 2021.”

A new product, referred to as an international company was introduced as part of the Bill in order to keep the Federation competitive. An international company is defined as a body corporate which is incorporated in Saint Christopher, but whose mind and management are outside of the Federation.

The prime minister said, “This kind of company Mr. Speaker, would have no permanent establishment here. If approved by this Honourable House, this proposed new product would be more in line with the requirements of the OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] and the EU [European Union], since the tax exemption features would have been completely excised from the legislation,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Harris further noted that the legislation outlines the different options that are now available to those persons who formerly had exempt companies in St. Kitts but would now be required to deal with them before the June 20 deadline.

“In that regard Mr. Speaker, Clause 10 of the Bill makes provision for exempt companies to be converted to an ordinary company. Mr. Speaker it would be proposed at Committee stage to also clearly include the option of conversion to an international company. In other words, there will now be two options introduced to take care of the removal of the exempt companies provision in the Act – a term or terminology which the international marketplace at the level of the regulatory arm has found to be offensive,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Harris stated that allowing exempt companies to convert to international companies is aimed at providing a reasonable measure to make the process less onerous and costly for those involved.

Government taking active steps to address delays in payment of severance claim

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, March 23, 2021 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – With an unprecedented number of claims being made against the Severance Payment Fund in the last year alone, the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis is taking active steps to make the processing of these claims more efficient.

Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris, while speaking at his monthly press conference on March 23, 2021, said the concerns of many regarding delays in the processing of their severance claims have been discussed at length by his Government at recent Cabinet meetings.

The reasons advanced by the Labour Commissioner for the delays include the unprecedented number of persons, some 2,839 persons, who have submitted severance claims as a result of COVID-19. Moreover, the unprecedented volume of records to be processed, the failure of employers to paying their contributions to the Severance Fund and discrepancy in data were identified as the other reasons for the delays.

“At yesterday’s meeting of the Cabinet, it was decided to expedite processing of claims by recruiting additional workers on a temporary basis. An additional work shift will also be implemented, and further support will be made available to the Labour Department. We have determined that notwithstanding the practice of not giving support to claims for which no payment had been made into the fund, the Government out of compassion would honour all claims even where the employer has not paid over his/her contribution to the Severance Fund,” Prime Minister Harris said.

Accordingto the prime minister, there are millions of dollars outstanding as a result of unpaid contributions to the Severance Fund by employers. He said, “The Social Security Board will however commence legal action against delinquent employers. I want to encourage those delinquent employers to make payment plans with Social Security and save themselves the embarrassment and expense of a court trial.”

Dr. Harris added that his Government will also “provide an advance payment to persons whose claims have not yet been processed to allow them to meet their most urgent needs.”

Thelatest figures show that the Federal Government has paid out $23.8 million in severance payments to date.

Positive family values and strong role models credited for their successes say NRP women

(PRESS RELEASE March 19. 2021) — The celebration of International Women’s Day continued on Nevis with dynamic women within the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) being featured on a panel discussion on Thursday, March 18 at the Franklyn Browne Community Centre.

Moderated by Dr. Andrea Bussue, Chairperson of NRP’s Women’s Arm, the discussion featured a conversation surrounding the life journey of the panelists where it was revealed that positive family values and strong role models are to be credited for their successes.
Political Leader of the NRP, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge reminisced on the life lessons and values that her father, the late Right Excellent Dr. Sir Simeon Daniel, instilled in her. She attributed her successes today to him, noting that he taught her that “no one should determine your destiny, we are all equal, we should treat others the way we would want to be treated.”

Hon. Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds, the NRP’s Deputy Leader and Member of Parliament for Nevis 5 said the most influential person in her life was her grandmother.

“She had an amazing source of strength and she was actively involved in the community, particularly Cotton Ground, so from her, I learned qualities such as serving and representing people,” Stapleton-Simmonds said, adding that her grandmother was “very dedicated, committed, and loyal.” “Those are values that I took with me throughout my professional career, and thus explains my strong sense of determination and purpose,” Hon. Stapleton-Simmonds said.

Public Relations Officer of NRP’s Women’s Arm, Communications Specialist and aspiring politician Ms. Jaedee Caines, ascribed her successes in life to her mother, Ms. Jean Caines, as she stressed the importance of being okay with one’s imperfections.
“She has shown me that it is okay to not be perfect. Sometimes we go through life thinking that everything should be perfect…all the I’s dotted and T’s crossed, and just by the very nature by which I came into this world – being the product of teenage parents – yet making it this far and doing pretty okay albeit I still have a long way to go – is the reason for this admiration,” Caines explained.

The panel discussion, which saw more than 1.3k views on Facebook, also saw participation from Sports Enthusiast Ms. Saneldo Willett, President of NRP’s Youth Arm.
Ms. Willett, who is the daughter of Leeward Islands Cricket Legend Mr. Elquemedo Willett, said “my father has many attributes I would like to emulate and master” adding that “the one I would prefer or most likely want to master is his determination. He would say things like ‘stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit’ and ‘success doesn’t come easy’. Because of his determination, he was able to break barriers and pave the way for cricketers, so I too would want to break barriers in the near future.”

Retired civil servant, accomplished Veterinarian and aspiring politician Dr. Patricia Bartlette, weighed in on the conversation by also thanking and showing appreciation to her father for his influence in her life.

“My father made an impact on me in a positive way… We grew up poor, but we were poor and polite and so the politeness that I now use, I got most of that from my dad. He is the foundation of who Patricia Bartlette is today,” she explained.

The NRP made history in September 2020 by becoming the first political party in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis to elect a woman as its leader. The Executive of the 50-year-old political party is also dominated by women from all walks of life.

Former VP sworn in as Tanzania’s new president

Samia Suluhu Hassan has made history as the first female president of Tanzania.

Ms Samia has been sworn in by the Chief Justice Ibrahim Juma at State House Dar es Salaam.

She becomes the sixth president of Tanzania following the death of President John Pombe Magufuli on Wednesday, from heart-related complications.

The 61-year-old served as President Magufuli’s deputy since 2015.

The Tanzania constitution stipulates that she should serve the remaining five-year term in the top job.

Government offers discounted land rates to residents of La Guerite Extension, St Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 18, 2021 (SKNIS): The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis through the Ministry of Sustainable Development has decided to offer discounted land rates, interest-free, to approximately 90 residents who reside on properties at La Guerite Extension without title, right or lease.

“For a number of years, the residents of the La Guerite Community have been living in unsustainable conditions and the government vowed that they would change this and bring it to a place where they can feel proud to live. The government then decided to give them ownership of the land that they have been living on,” said Elretha Simpson-Browne, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sustainable Development during an interview with the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service (SKNIS) on Tuesday, March 16, 2021, when the ministry commenced the first in a series of meetings with residents. “The government also would have reduced the land. Because they have been living there for so long, they will be getting the land at two (2) dollars per sq. ft.”

Mrs. Simpson-Browne said that the matter was taken to Cabinet by the Parliamentary Representative, the Honourable Akilah Byron-Nisbett, and Cabinet decided to sell for half the price instead of four (4) dollars.

Addressing the residents, PS Simpson-Browne said that the idea of owning a piece of land empowers people, hence the government is indeed pleased to assist.

“Land ownership is a very serious thing because land ownership not only gives you the power to construct your house, repair your house… it allows your child or children to go off to university, get a loan for whatever reason, you name it. It gives you the power,” she said. “So, you coming here today in starting the process to own the land that you live on I find that remarkable and I just want to congratulate and commend all of you.”

Dwight Francis, Director of Lands and Surveys, shared similar sentiments adding that the project aims to help the residents to live more comfortably.

“We want you guys to understand and appreciate that moving forward we are now regularizing your situation whereas before you could not have used the parcel to get any kind of financing because you did not have the security of tenure. We are now allowing you the opportunity to get ownership and with this ownership, you can now access financing that was not available to you before,” said Mr. Francis. “We are trying to see how best we can help you to help yourself to develop and uplift the area and make it a much better place for everyone.”

Residents raised pertinent questions to which ministry officials provided adequate and satisfactory responses. The staff of the Ministry of Sustainable Development was on hand to assist persons in filling out their application forms.

The project is dubbed La Guerite North. To maintain a beautiful surrounding and ensure there is a value-added to the properties, owners will not be permitted to fence their properties with galvanize/galvalume. Additionally, no resident will be permitted to rare goats, sheep, or pigs in the area. However, the residents were encouraged to engage in backyard gardening/farming.

Tributes pour in for Tanzania’s President Magufuli

Tributes have been pouring in for Tanzania’s President John Magufuli who died on Wednesday aged 61.

He died from heart complications at a hospital in Dar es Salaam, vice-president Samia Suluhu Hassan said in an address on state television.

The US State Department has expressed condolences to Tanzanians and added that “we hope that Tanzania can move forward on a democratic and prosperous path”.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he was sorry to hear of President Magufuli’s death.

Tanzania opposition figure Zitto Kabwe offered his “deepest condolences to Janet Magufuli and the whole family of John Pombe Magufuli, I’m offering my condolences to the deputy chairman of CCM [the ruling party] and CCM members on the loss of their Chairman”.

Former Tanzania Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye said he was “so shocked and at first I thought it was not true. It is very shocking news. Losing a sitting president is a huge tragedy”.

Five more schools in St Kitts outfitted with brand new computer labs thanks to Ross University

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, March 12, 2021 (Press Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister) – The Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM), in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, today, Friday, March 12, handed over five new computer labs to five primary schools in St. Kitts that will enhance the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom.

The five schools that benefited from this generous contribution by Ross University were the Edgar T. Morris Primary School, Estridge Primary, Violet Petty Primary, Sandy Point Primary, and the Newton Ground Primary School.

Briefceremonies were held at each school today to symbolically cut the ribbons and hand over the computer labs.

Theceremonies were attended by Prime Minister Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris; Minister of Education, the Honourable Jonel Powell; Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Mr. William Vincent Hodge, and Dean of the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Sean Callanan.

Whiledelivering remarks at the Edgar T. Morris Primary School, Dr. Callanan said that Ross University recognises the importance of access to education and its link to the development of the Federation.

DeanCallanan told the students that, “There are many things that help you succeed in the world. Your parents and your wonderful teachers believe it or not also help you succeed. But also, what helps you to succeed is your access to education and not everyone in the world has access to education. Access to education is very much dependent on governments, very much dependent on what they can put in place and here in this country they have been doing a wonderful job in enhancing your educational experience so that you are ready to take on the world over time. And so, we were delighted in 2016 when we did get the opportunity to partner and help empower the people of St. Kitts and Nevis to a better education.”

TheHonourable Jonel Powell noted that Ross University has long been a responsible corporate partner here in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Headded, “This partnership…with Ross University is one that we’re very appreciative of especially at this time where we are not just facing local but indeed international challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that resources are scarce, however, Ross University has stuck to its commitment to partner with the Ministry of Education and the people of St. Kitts and Nevis, and this morning we are able to bring online five computer labs in five primary schools across St. Kitts.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Harris said through this initiative, Ross University has effectively brought the knowledge of the world to the fingertips of the nation’s children.

“Today’s contribution and donation of computer labs to five schools will ensure that we empower our students to be able to contribute and to become beneficiaries of the stronger and safer future. I want therefore to thank the Dean on behalf of all of us in St. Kitts and Nevis for the constructive role that Ross University and all of its affiliated entities have been playing in the socio-economic life of the country. Thank you for also recognizing that part of the giving back to society is dictated by the quality of the corporate social responsibility which we see depicted in one way here through your efforts to assist in the digitalization of our curriculum development in St. Kitts and Nevis,” Prime Minister Harris said.

Inaddition to the five recipient schools today, Ross University had previously upgraded or delivered brand new computer labs to five other schools on the island.