Reporter Hanley calls for Nevis to embrace Nollywood – Nigeria’s multi billion dollar film industry

In a Facebook post Bjorn Hanley expressed his disappointment in Premier Brantley for snubbing the second largest film industry in the world for a start up company out of York , England.

” The film industry in Nevis is a good idea, however, hiring a company with only 244 Facebook followers, 277 Instagram followers, no YouTube Channel and no experience in producing any black films, in my view cannot do much to assist Nevis in becoming a film destination. Unless the Premier is a part owner of this newly established company, to me this does not make sense. Imagine the company the Premier hired just opened a Facebook page in June, 2020 so Nevis will be their first big job.” said Mr Hanley

According to Hanley, Nevis has always been a place that empowers foreign firms over its own.

“We in Nevis will be building this start up film company from scratch. So Nevis will be empowering a company from York, England to become rich. But I am not surprised because this is what we have seen over the years on this island.”

Mr Hanley who is a globally trained digital media entrepreneur and British Bachelor’s degree upper second class honours (2:1) holder expressed his shock that Brantley had not done his research.

“If the Premier did his research he would realize that Nollywood in Nigeria is a multi billion dollar Industry with many black owned film companies with years of experience which can be used to assist Nevis. The Nigeria market alone is over 200 million people who share the same culture and traditions as us. Why can’t we work with our own brothers and sisters in Africa who clearly have the talent and expertise to help us?”

“Nollywood is only 2nd to Hollywood in the firm industry. Many of our people watch African movies. Imagine Nevis or St Kitts and Nevis partnering with Nollywood? Think of the possibilities. Any film producer in Nigeria can come here and produce classic movies with ease because they understand our culture and traditions and they have the proven skills to get the job done.” Said Reporter Hanley

Reporter Hanley accused Brantley of ruling the island of Nevis like a private small business, “this is what we get when an island is run by one person who does not consult with citizens on matters of development.”

In ending Mr Hanley made recommendations to St Kitts as the island is also in the process of developing a film industry.

“In the picture below is a famous Nollywood actor name Yul Edochie who did a film training course last month in Nigeria. Maybe St Kitts can bring him in if we are serious about this film industry. This world class actor has over 1 million followers on Facebook and Instagram where you can see all his talent and success stories.”


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