Positive reviews for NRP’s leader Daniel-Hodge

NRP PRESS RELEASE (Nov. 27, 2020) – “A breath of fresh air”, “substance over hype” and “impressive” were among the many positive comments that were expressed about the NRP’s Party Leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, during Wednesday night’s feature on the Real Talk Corner online talk show.

The two-hour programme, hosted by Ira Willett and Rhys Tross, heard Dr. Daniel-Hodge address several issues including candidate selection within the NRP, diversifying the economy and the decriminalization of marijuana.

When asked whether there is a strain on the party as it relates to fielding candidates, Dr. Daniel-Hodge said, “Participation in the Federal government addresses certain issues and the NIA has a full task to deal with. I only see where the affairs of Nevis could be better managed more effectively under this policy.”

She was referring to her party’s decision to prohibit candidates from simultaneously serving in the Federal Parliament and the Nevis Island Assembly.

“Nevis has a number of intelligent persons and there should be someone dealing with the affairs of Nevis in the Federal House and another group dealing with the affairs of the NIA,” she added, noting that “It can also become a much better relationship with the Federal Cabinet than what we have now.”

When asked to give her party’s stance on the controversial marijuana decriminalization issue, Dr. Daniel-Hodge said, “Decriminalizing marijuana is something I subscribe to and it ensures that once we look at decriminalizing, it would be a matter in conjunction with an overall approach of how we can deal with this matter.”

“We stated the position and we need to pursue that position as we have noticed the changes in the global environment and we cannot now sit back and ignore the necessary changes that are taking place world- wide,” Dr. Daniel-Hodge added.

The interview ended with comments regarding the hashtag “Shift the Momentum” which the NRP adopted in recent months. Co-host Tross described it as “catchy”.

“Shift the Momentum came from a colleague of mine while we were in discussion about the changes and impacts that need to be done on Nevis. We are not seeing job opportunities and some of the job opportunities that were in place, have been lost. We have lost the democratic principle that was once there and the pride and value that was once there is now eroded,” Dr. Daniel-Hodge explained, adding that “We need to shift the momentum and shift it now in a positive way to bring prosperity and hope back to Nevis.”

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