NRP celebrates 50th anniversary with inspiring service of thanksgiving

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS (Oct. 28, 2020) — An inspiring Service of Thanksgiving – which attracted the attendance of supporters and well-wishers – represented The Nevis Reformation Party’s (NRP) 50th anniversary celebration.

Held at the Nevis Performing Arts Center (NePAC) on Oct. 25th, the event was described as an evening of celebration, history, hope and thanks. It was one of several activities planned to commemorate the party’s anniversary, while celebrating its achievements.

Former Premier of Nevis, Mr. Joseph Parry, who once served as Party Leader, orated the inspiring history of the 50-year-old party. He noted that NRP was formed after the August 1970 MV Christena Disaster in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“Gentlemen like Horace Liburd, Eustace Nisbett, Round Liburd and others decided that after the terrible disaster, Nevis needed to have more control [or be] self-governing,” Mr. Parry said, adding that “In 1980, Nevis – under the leadership of NRP – was able to have electricity and water.”

“A Sixth Form College and a pay day to Nevis in the form of the Four Seasons Resort [also came],” Mr. Parry explained.

The NRP’s recently elected leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, delivered Sunday’s Feature Address. She spoke highly of the people who had been instrumental in the party’s existence since its inception, 50 years ago. Those people, she said, included “the many NRP candidates who fought for great policies and programmes to be part of the landscape of Nevis.”

Dr. Daniel-Hodge also reiterated a view that she shared at the Party’s recently held Convention that “NRP is the party that puts Nevis and the people of Nevis at the core of its strategies and actions.” She emphasized that “NRP is still the best party to bring hope and a prosperous future to Nevis.”

The Service of Thanksgiving was chaired by Former Minister of Government, Mr. Hensley Daniel. Ms. Angelica Elliott delivered opening prayers then Mr. Devonne Cornelius, using his powerful yet melodic voice, rendered the National Anthem.

In addition to reading the passage of scripture, Parliamentary Representative for St. Thomas’, Hon. Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds recited an original poem which she coined based on the presentations made at Sunday’s service.

Rev. Cecele Browne’s stirring sermon on hope and togetherness was well received by the event’s attendees. The event ended with closing remarks by the Chairperson of the 50th Anniversary Committee, Ms. Sharon Hobson.

One of the highlights of the service was the rendition of “We’ve come this Far by Faith” by the NRP 50th Mass Choir. The rendition caused attendees to jump to their feet and sing along.

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