People at the center of rebuilding Nevis and NRP says Party Leader

Charlestown, Nevis, October 5, 2020 – People will be the focus of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) as it rebuilds its organisational structure and charts the way forward for the island of Nevis.

That claim was made last Friday (Oct. 2) by newly-elected NRP Leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge who spoke, via Zoom, as a guest on WINN FM’s “Voices” programme.

“NRP has been the party of and for the people,” Dr. Daniel-Hodge said, adding that “The party will be guided as to what is best for Nevis and the residents of Nevis.”

In speaking of her party’s rebuilding efforts and her own leadership plans, Dr. Daniel-Hodge said “Nevis has to be turned around” and that she was “fully equipped, prepared and ready to take on the responsibility.”

Dr. Daniel-Hodge, who is an Environmentalist by profession, expressed concern with the island’s sole reliance on tourism to generate revenue, noting that there is need to “expand and diversify the economy.”

“The economy that was built in the 1980s is still the same Tourism-based economy in Nevis that we have today. One must look at job creation and the equities. Today, one must not be in a distant place to deal with the island’s economy. We at home can make sustainable changes for the better,” Daniel-Hodge said.

Much of her presentation underpinned the need for food security and environmental awareness to be key elements of an improved Nevis. She noted that innovative ways must be looked at to boost the economy, without becoming a burden on the taxpayer.

Dr. Daniel-Hodge believes that Nevis must gain new economic opportunities especially in light of the present COVID-19 situation and the new technology that is available.

Dr. Daniel-Hodge was elected to her current post as Party Leader at the party’s convention on Sept. 13. She is the first female leader of a political party in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

For the full interview on WINN FM’s Voices Programme, visit:

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