NRP Youth Arm clears blocked drainage and restores dilapidated village sign

BHC MEDIA, Nevis, October 4, 2020 – On Sunday October 4, the NRP Youth Arm visited Cherry Gardens as they continue their historic beautification project throughout the island of Nevis.

“Today, the Youths of the Nevis Reformation Party decided to take a hiatus from the usual Sunday Church and took on a beautification project in the lovely village of Cherry Garden. The “Welcome To Cherry Garden” sign became an eyesore, especially for the villagers would who have to pass it daily. We ensured that it was refurbished!” Said NRP Youth Arm

The enthusiastic youths also planted some flowers to help add extra beauty to the sign.

According to the NRP Youth Arm, “the nearby drainage system was backed up and would cause the area to flood, when we have heavy rains, and this would affect villagers. We ensured that this was rectified!”

Onlooking residents from the Cherry Gardens community got inspired by group’s charitable actions:

“Some of the young men from the village came and expressed their gratitude for the much needed project. It was a long morning in Cherry Garden but the villagers would now be happy!”

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