NRP Women’s Arm successfully honoured women from five constituencies across Nevis

BHC MEDIA, NEVIS, September 17, 2020 – On National Heroes Day, September 16, 2020, the NRP Women’s Arm successfully honoured nine women for their lifetime of service to country from the five constituencies across Nevis. The following is a statement by the NRP Women’s Arm:

Today was a joyful day. The NRP Women’s Arm celebrated the contributions of nine women who have contributed significantly to the development of the Nevis Reformation Party. Thanks to all the families for welcoming us into their homes and celebrating with us and the positive responses from the honorees. Thanks to all the ladies and the lone gentleman, Bjorn for taking the journey with us and so ably capturing the moment. I truly enjoyed meeting these ladies and I am sure the other ladies enjoyed the trip around the island. The honorees were from the 5 parishes/constituencies. They were:

Claudina Pinney and Benilda Jeffers of St. James Parish
Ionie Swanston and Monica Tyson of St. George’s Parish
Gertrude Farrell of St. John’s Parish
Christine Springette and Arlene Williams of St. Paul’s Parish
Winifred Parry and Violet Nisbett of St. Thomas’ Parish

We owe a debt of gratitude to the women for the sacrifices they would have made to the Nevis Reformation Party over 50 years. The stories are rather intriguing. A resolution was presented at the Convention to make this an annual event on National Heroes Day. Our women in NRP have been the “unsung heroes”. We want to change that and honor them while they are still alive. Stay tuned for more from the NRP Women’s Arm. We extend an open invitation to all women to become a part of the Women’s Arm.


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