History will be made at the NRP upcoming Convention 2020

Charlestown, Nevis (Wednesday, September 9, 2020) The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) will be holding their convention on Sunday, 13 September, 2020 at the Nevis Performing Arts Center (NEPAC). The highlight of this year’s convention will be the fact that history will be made, as this is the first time in the Federation’s history that a woman will be the leader of a National political party.

Two dynamic Nevisian women will compete for the leadership position as the lone NRP parliamentarian; Hon. Cleone Stapleton Simmonds will go up against businesswoman and environmentalist, Dr. Janice Daniel Hodge.

Dr Janice Daniel Hodge presenting to over 100 NRP delegates at the Party’s General Council

The theme of this year’s conference, which marks the NRP’s 50th anniversary, is: Representing Our Country’s Future, Our Hope, Our Aspirations. As part of the convention’s agenda, the party’s delegates will also vote on the vying candidates for the various offices of a new Executive Committee and once elected, the Party President would reveal her appointment of the party’s General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Public Relations posts.

According to the Nevis Reformation Party Chairman, Mr. Patrice Nisbett, the NRP Convention will only be open to delegates and specially invited guests, due to the Covid-19 social distancing regulations.

Honourable Cleone Stapleton Simmonds presenting to over 100 NRP delegates at the Party’s General Council

“We (NRP) would love to have the many friends of the Nevis Reformation Party in attendance at this year’s convention. However, because of the Covid- 19 protocol, the convention committee has sought other alternatives to make it possible for individuals to follow the convention presentations through various mediums, including: 20/20 Vision Radio, Freedom FM and the NRP Facebook page,” said Mr. Nisbett.

To view the NRP Convention 2020 on Sunday from 4:30pm, visit www.2020visionradio.comwww.freedomskn.com or the Nevis Reformation Party official Facebook page.

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