Former Charlestown Primary School students donate to Kindergarten

BHC MEDIA, Charlestown, Nevis, September 4 – Ms Lauren Pemberton on behalf of her company Nevis Nice, Gerda “Mavis Guishard of Mister Softee Brooklyn, Marlene Pemberton and Tonya Powell donated school supplies to all Kindergarten students of the Charlestown Primary School (CPS).

In a presentation held at the Charlestown Primary School this morning, Ms Lauren Pemberton said, “in light of the pandemic and so many parents being out of work, we wanted to try and ease the burden of back to school shopping. As someone in the tourism business I am especially concerned about parents who work in the industry and have not earned an income since March.”

According to Ms Pemberton, “we hope this small gesture will help to relieve the financial pressure on parents who are not working. Most importantly, we are reminded that it takes a village to raise a child and we are happy that we could make this contribution. I want to thank Principal Haynes for being a champion for her students. She was wonderful to work with and I look forward to partnering with CPS in the future.”

This is BHC Media reporting from the Charlestown Primary School, Nevis.

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