Four Seasons Resort Nevis to lay off over 400 workers

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, August 1, 2020 (BHC Media) – According to Premier Brantley at his recently held press conference, “the Four Seasons has started the process of lay-off of its workers. It saddens me but that is the harsh reality and so Four Seasons has reported that some 151 resort staff members will remain working according to their business levels and also to protect and maintain the Four Seasons plan”.

This media house asked the premier whether these workers will be able to claim severance package.

“If they are temporarily laid off after 12 weeks, if it is that they treat the lay off as permanent, that is if they prefer to be made redundant then they will be able to claim immediately. So the question is how the workers, the employer and the labour department chooses to treat these particular workers,” said Brantley

Last week, the Four Seasons Resort, Nevis, issued a statement indicating that they will commence a temporary lay-off of its employees, effective August 1st 2020.

Personalized lay-off letters were issued by People and Culture as of Monday, July 27th, 2020.

This comes “as a result of the ongoing closure of our borders and the resulting loss of business due to the failure to establish a date for reopening the borders”, the Resort said in a statement.

Employees were paid 100% of their salaries during April and May, and 60% during June and July.

Premier Brantley, speaking at his press conference on July 30th, gave the number of persons that will be laid off:

“7 Home Owners and Association staff members and 403 report members, that’s 410 Nevisians and Kittitians families that will be affected. 151 resort staff members will continue to work and 117 home owners association staff members will continue to work. My math suggest that’s 268 workers will continue but some 410 will be laid-off temporarily. It will have no income, people will be out of work, that is the harsh reality of the economic crisis that we are facing and will continue to face.”

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