Brantley confirms the NIA shooting of cattle, sheep and goats agricultural policy

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, July 30, 2020 (BHC Media) – This morning at the premier’s press conference, senior BHC Media reporter Bjorn Hanley asked Mr Brantley a series of questions one of which was concerning the passing of a bill in the Nevis Assembly legalizing the shooting of livestock such as cattle, sheep and goats.

Mr Hanley was the first reporter to ask questions at the press conference and he started by noting the absence of the federal minister of environment and agriculture.

“Mr Premier I am sorry that the minister of environment and agriculture is not here because the first question I have is to do with their various portfolios. Several weeks ago the government went into the house and passed a legislation to say that person who have livestock that are roaming the road the government will put a system in place where they shoot the animals. However I took note that there is nothing in the legislation to reduce the flock of donkeys, monkeys and to control the wild bush that is growing all around Nevis. So on one hand you have the donkeys and monkey that are free to roam and on the other the government is focusing on shooting animals, is there a reason for this Mr Premier?”

Premier Brantley responded confirming Hanley’s statement, ” one of the things that has pained me Mr Hanley is to drive by the Mondo Track and see the number of sheep and goats that have some how been able to get inside the Mondo facility and are over there grazing. So what we are saying to all is to be responsible and we cannot allow animals to just walk around and go into people’s yard and communities and cause havoc. We are particularly concerned that we have some farmers with 200 and 300 livestock but they always tell you that they don’t have any to sell. So you wonder well is this a commercial venture or are you raising pets.”

Bjorn Hanley then responded to the premier hinting that the government can hire persons to catch then impound the animals then charge farmers to claim their livestock and this way the government can raise revenue and provide jobs at the same time instead of shooting the animals and no one benefits.

“Don’t you think the animals could have been handled a little better, in other words you mentioned food security and also you mentioned that the government needs revenue so instead of shooting the animals, don’t you think impounding animals then charging maybe $100 per animal that would have been a good way to provide some jobs and to get some money” responded Hanley.

Brantley did not agree and said that the government tried the impound system before and it has failed. The premier then confirmed that if the government goes out and shoot a number of animals that the dead carcasses will be handed over to livestock farmers. Whether or not the meat will be able to be consumed, the premier said that he does not know.

BHC Media reporters will continue to follow this developing story and report the news accordingly. This is BHC Media reporting.

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