Dr Janice Daniel Hodge and Hon Cleone Stapleton Simmonds receives high commendations from general public

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, July 27 (BHC Media) – During the historic ground breaking ceremony organized by the honourable Cleone Stapleton Simmonds on Friday July 24, this media house captured several beautiful pictures of the event, two of which Hon Simmonds and Dr Daniel were at the popular Cherry Tree Bar in Barnes Ghaut having a drink and a conversation.

Shortly after the pictures were published online, they immediately went viral and received overwhelming traffic and a great show of commendations from the general public.

Popular facebook blogger Mervin Hanley quickly got hold of one of the pictures and made a post, which parts of it said, “Two Saturdays ago I spoke about a Janice the NRP is looking to recruit and make possible Leader….Now yesterday, there was an event in Barnes Ghaut. Who I see in photos? The lovely Dr. Janice Daniel and Honorable Stapleton-Simmonds.”

Under that post a resident of Brown Hill, Lisa Brown commented and said, ” Mervin Hanley… I love this Janice to the moon and back😍 IF she decides to throw her hat in the ring for leadership of the NRP, it will be the best thing for that party. Mark was the energy that CCM needed and Janice is the energy the NRP would need. Both have the country’s best interest at heart, both from Brown Hill and both are family. Both of them know I will have their backs, but they will be opposing each other. So the question of the day is… where does Lisa’s loyalty lies between these two?”

In regards to the leadership of the NRP, Iona Dore said, ” Any which way it goes that’s two ( 2 ) Powerful Young Ladies right there #WomenPowerIsAlwaysGood

It is clear that Cleone and Janice are providing the breath of fresh air that was needed at a time when men have been dominating politics in St Kitts and Nevis since the country’s independence in 1983. These ‘two powerful ladies’ seems to be providing the hope that every person in the federation can be proud of.

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